Spiritual Matrices: Poetic Prayers & Penlight Performances

Spirit is the non-physical part of a person – breath. Matrix is something from within or from which something else originates, develops or takes form – breeding – womb. These definitions best describe my work. I open the 4x5 view camera lens, walk into the frame and begin to outline people with a pen of light in my hand leaving the essence of who is in the space on the sheet of film. Working like a painter, the light is my brush and the film is the canvas. I call them Penlight Performances. The question I ask of those who I photograph is: what ‘light’ do you bring to yourself, your community and to the world?

The words came as a muse that flowed from a deep inner well of emotions and feelings, coming forth as a rhythm-like cadence that I call Poetic Prayers. The prayers are a calling and the images are a response. Words and images together can be a powerful tool for spiritual transformation. How we communicate to each other and our surroundings through relationships and language is the heart of my work.

Each of the sixteen prayers represents a personal archetype. I refer to an archetype as an energy guide to my highest potential. The words in green best describe the archetype I assigned to each prayer. When putting those words together, a new Poetic Prayer emerged calling for compassion and peace. These images and prayers bring me closer to a conscious awakening within myself.

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