We Journey Together
by Susan Hillbrand

We journey together inspired by the other. Our ways differ, yet we speak a similar and familiar language, which is the scared language of divine spirit. By establishing a trust in our friendship and honoring our different perspectives of life experiences, a deep soul bond formed. A mutual friend and searching for my lost dog brought us together. You never know how your spirit friend will show up nor how long it will take to discover that the relationship is more than an ordinary friendship. We lived near each other in the same small town, then a few years later we lived miles and miles apart in different time zones. It would be the hours we talked on the phone that would seal the bond as we shared the ups and downs of daily life, navigating relationships with our daughters, sons, husbands, biological families, friends, and strangers. We understood each other in ways no one else could. Sharing and speaking openly, we were able to keep our inner sanity that otherwise would have left us lost in this world, unheard and misunderstood. We had each other or I should say our spirits supported us especially during difficult circumstances.

Our coming together with similar interests of the arts and world peace was also shaped by our kids’ shared involvement with the creative fields and worldly cultural pursuits. Our sons and daughters took part in Odyssey of the Mind, now known as Destination Imagination. It was a way for them to think, problem solve, and respond to unknown situations. Observing how they worked together as a team solving various challenges helped us question and see new ways to approach this challenging world. We learned from them. Our daughters were selected for CISV, Children’s International Summer Village, a program started after WW2 bringing awareness, understanding, and respect of cultural differences and commonalities to the youth, formulating friendships of peace. We prayed together with other mothers for the safety of all students at the local high school due to the pervasiveness of bullying, before shootings became a common occurrence. After the world went still on September 11, 2001, we created a sacred fire and prayed for the safety of all people. Our prayers turned into visualization that had solutions attached. A new world was emerging out of the chaos and destruction. The foundational ground was shaking and transforming. Spirit guided us to deepen our commitment to gather, pray, and learn how we were being called to participate more fully, for a better world to be realized. Seeing and acting on a local scale, we were becoming more aware of the power of the energetic field. Local engagement became global as well. The latest news headlines and other information outlets started calling us into action. Never willing to take for granted what is being presented, we separately search for a deeper understanding, then come together and discuss various perspectives on the matter. With our research, intuition, and guidance, we acknowledge we still don’t know, yet we do know our commitment is making a difference. The playground of the unknown has become our comfort space for exploration.

Listening without judgement and having intimacy of safety is high priority in our relationship. We created a safe place to share, connect, explore, and play as we hold each other accountable to take action and not be afraid to express whatever comes up. We call ourselves Inspirational Influencers, knowing we have much to offer to each other and the world. I can say I am a better person because of our friendship. We challenge each other to rise higher in all situations, to think larger, and go deeper than the mere small details. If we don’t like what the other one suggested, we ask for clarity, because we know there might be a truth we need to hear. Better articulation for illumination helps in understanding what the other is speaking about. It is a give and give more relationship, so we can better serve where we are called.

We know our spiritual relationship extends out beyond our talks, and that there is divine spiritual goddess warrior power in our coming together. With this relationship, there is comfort and peace within, even when the outer influences provoke discomfort. I have other spiritual friendships that are similar, valuable and important, yet this is the one that allowed me to understand what it means to be in spiritual relationships. We are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience in human form. People are spiritually starving from not having spiritual friendships. I am forever grateful that spirit brought us together, continuing to feed and nurture us in an everlasting expansive relationship of Trust and Love.